czwartek, 10 marca 2011

UIS Data Release

zrodlo - email from UIS 9 March 2011
The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) would like to inform you of these recent releases:

New historical education data available
The UIS has released a new series of historical data that allows users to track trends in education since 1970. The statistics are published for the first time in the UIS Data Centre.

The historical time series include key indicators - such as gross enrolment ratios, repetition and completion rates - for pre-primary to tertiary education. They are reported on a five-year basis since 1970. 

This release is the result of a major UIS initiative to improve the comparability and quality of historical education data. All of the statistics were reviewed and revised to ensure that they comply with the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 97), which has been used to collect and produce global education statistics since 1998/99. In addition, the UIS also investigated and corrected inconsistencies in the historical data.

As a result of this initiative, analysts now have access to education indicators dating back more than 40 years. These data can be compared across countries to track trends and benchmark progress towards education goals.

The UIS Data Centre contains the following historical data tables:

Table 21: Pre-primary education
Table 22: New entrants into primary educationTable 23: Enrolment and teaching staff in primary education
Table 24: Repeaters and measures of completion in primary education
Table 25: Secondary education
Table 26: Tertiary education

New data for the 2009 school year

The UIS has released a limited set of indicators for about 100 countries for the school year ending in 2009. In addition, key indicators for 2010 are also available for about 10 countries. These data cover primary to tertiary levels of education and include some education finance indicators. The reference data set for the 2009 school year will be published in May 2011.

To consult the new data, readers can build their own “custom tables” in the UIS Data Centre. To build a statistical table for a specific year, the following steps are suggested:
•    select all countries
•    select data items
•    select the year and generate table.
Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2011
Armed conflict is robbing 28 million children of an education by exposing them to widespread rape and other sexual violence, targeted attacks on schools and other human rights abuses, UNESCO’s 2011 Global Monitoring Report warns.

The report, The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education, cautions that the world is not on track to achieve by 2015 the six Education for All goals that over 160 countries signed up to in 2000. Although there has been progress in many areas, most of the goals will be missed – especially in regions riven by conflict.

The Global Monitoring Report is an annual publication prepared by an independent team based at UNESCO. The UIS is a key member of the EFA monitoring team, providing statistical annexes and analysis which lay the foundations for the report.

To download the report, consult the EFA Global Monitoring Report website, which offers access to a wide range of materials in several languages, including press releases, summaries, regional overviews, background papers and interviews.
Launch of 2011 education survey
The UIS has launched its annual survey on education to more than 150 Member States and territories.

Interested readers can consult the three questionnaires which cover pre-primary, primary, secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education; education finance and expenditure; and tertiary education.

The 2011 survey collects data for the school year ending in 2010. It includes a regional module for sub-Saharan Africa. The module includes data items on key policy issues in the region, ranging from the working conditions of teachers to the provision of textbooks and basic school services, such as drinking water, electricity and girls’ toilets. This regional approach to data collection is intended to broaden the range of UIS indicators while respecting the constraints facing national statisticians.

The deadline for submitting data is 29 April 2011. Country-level data and indicators from the survey will be released in September 2011 via the UIS Data Centre.  Regional and global results for the school year ending in 2010 will be released in May 2012.

The data collected from this survey will be published in a range of international publications, such as the EFA Global Monitoring Report, the UNDP Human Development Report, the World Bank World Development Report and UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children, as well as the UIS annual Global Education Digest.