środa, 9 grudnia 2009

Europe’s universities lack ‘genuine autonomy’ from state control – EUA Report

A new EUA study (published 30 November) analysing and comparing university autonomy and governance across 33 European countries highlights that universities still lack genuine autonomy.
This report by EUA will form the first basis of a new two-year project to develop a scorecard that will benchmark university autonomy (on the national level) across Europe. The  Autonomy Scorecard will be a major tool both at the national level and at the individual institutional level, serving as a reference for national governments wishing to benchmark their progress on governance reforms vis-à-vis other systems, whilst also helping to raise awareness among universities of the differences that exist in Europe. The launch of the Scorecard is due to take place at the end of the project in the winter of 2011.

Download the full report for more information.