środa, 30 stycznia 2013

U-Multirank public kick-off

U-Multirank public kick-off - 01/30/2013 General Research created by Gero Federkeil

On 30 and 31 January, the public kick-off of the U-Multirank implementation project will take place at the conference ‘Rankings and the Visibility of Quality Outcomes in the European Higher Education Area’ organised in the framework of the Irish EU-presidency, in Dublin.
Project co-leader Frank Ziegele and team member Don Westerheijden will introduce this second phase of U-Multirank. Stressing the multidimensional and interactive approach that allows users to find the best performing institutions or programmes from their point of view, they will explain how U-Multirank plans to roll out its innovative methodology to more than 500 institutions around the world. 
Ziegele and Westerheijden will focus on the different information needs of students, institutional managers and policy-makers and on how U-Multirank is going to address their needs. The development of a software tool allowing users to make sensible comparisons of similar institutions, to find the best of performers on criteria they find important, is an integral part of this phase of U-Multirank.
The first ranking is scheduled to go public in early 2014.