czwartek, 18 grudnia 2014

2014 EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard and the 2014 EU R&D Survey

"We have the pleasure to inform you that the new Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, presented last 4th December the 2014 EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard and the 2014 EU R&D Survey. The full text of the Scoreboard report, the press release and memo can be consulted at The text of the Survey is available at:

And here you can see the Commissioner presentation:

During 2014 we have also published the following reports:
 IPTS Working Papers on Corporate R&D and Innovation:
  • 01/2014: On the R&D giants' shoulders: Do FDI help to stand on them?
  • 02/2014: The hidden costs of R&D collaboration
  • 03/2014: Intangible investments and innovation propensity. Evidence from the Innobarometer 2013
  • 04/2014: Innovation and productivity in services: Evidence from Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom
 IPTS Policy Briefs:
  • Financing R&D and Innovation for Corporate Growth. What new evidence should policymakers know?
  • Boosting the EU Attractiveness to International R&D Investments: What matters? What works?
  • Innovation, competitiveness and growth without R&D? Analysis of corporate R&D investment - A country approach: Italy
 Technical Reports:
  • The patenting activity of the top IRI Scoreboard Companies: an introductory note
  • How do companies 'perceive' their intangibles? New statistical evidence from the INNOBAROMETER 2013
 Fernando Hervás Soriano
Industrial Research and Innovation
Project Leader