wtorek, 21 września 2010

Education in Europe - Key statistics 2008 - Issue number 37/2010

More than 100 millions of pupils and students are in the European education system, roughly 4 millions of graduates in tertiary education and about 60% are females, more than 90 out 100 4-years-olds are enrolled in pre-primary or in primary education. This is a brief selection of the available key statistics on education coming from the yearly joint UOE (Unesco Institute for Statistics, OECD and Eurostat) data collection. The disseminated data cover the 27 EU Member States, the candidate and the EFTA/EEA countries and United States and Japan. The time period of reference for the calendar year 2008 for graduates and the school/academic year 2007/08 for other data.

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Release date: 20-SEP-10