piątek, 27 listopada 2009

Public consultation on the future EU 2020 strategy

In his political guidelines for the new Commission, President Barroso set out his vision for where the European Union should be heading for in 2020. He believes that the exit from the current crisis should be the point of entry into a new sustainable social market economy, a smarter, greener economy where our prosperity will result from innovation and from using resources better, and where knowledge will be the key input.
The Commission intends to present a formal proposal for the EU 2020 strategy early next year, with a view to the EU's Heads of State and government adopting the strategy at their Spring 2010 meeting.

In the meantime, the Commission would like to hear your views on some suggested broad policy considerations for the future EU2020 strategy. A public consultation process has been opened with a time frame from 24.11.2009 to 15.01.2010.
You are therefore encouraged to take part in this consultation process.

The consultation document and related information are available on: