wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2011

Archive of FP Programme Evaluation and Monitoring Documents

The archive contains 274 documents

This archive contains the evaluation and monitoring reports of successive Framework Programmes, as well as the individual evaluation studies on thematic and other research activities within these Framework Programmes which were carried out by the Directorate-General for Research at the European Commission. In addition the archive contains key background documents on the creation and development of the Framework Programme and on the European Commission's research evaluation system. Further information including evaluation studies can be obtained from the respective evaluation services of the other Directorates-General involved in the management of the Framework Programme, links for which are found here.  

Optionally, one can use the selection lists to find specific documents by Year, Framework Programme and Topic. You can use any or all of the lists; if you use more than one, then only documents matching all the selection criteria will be displayed.