sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010

SME Participation in FP7 - Report Spring 2010

The primary aim of the report is to monitor the EU-contribution granted to SMEs in FP7 projects. With the contracts signed before the 1st of April, 14% goes to SMEs.
Further key figures as of the 1st of April 2010:
  • 2.500 Grant Agreements for research projects within the FP7-Cooperation programme are signed 
  • 28.100 participations, out of which 4.500 SMEs (16%) 
  • 8.800 million Euro EU contribution to the projects, 1.260 million for SMEs 
  • Size of consortia: 11 partners, out of which 1,8 SMEs 
  • 280.000€ : Average EU-contribution per SME participation
Extrapolations show that:
  • 5 billion € is the expected EU-contribution for SMEs in FP7 Cooperation Programme 
  • 20.000 SMEs will benefit from FP7
The report highlights the SME participation per theme and per country for the Cooperation Programme, and the SME participation in the Capacities and the People Programmes. It also includes - for the first time - a regional analysis of the SME participation per region.

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