czwartek, 10 września 2009

Indicators on education expenditure – 2006 - Issue number 36/2009

In the European Union, higher public expenditure on education as percentage of GDP is reflected in more resources for the students in terms of expenditure per student. In 2006 in the EU, expenditure per student in educational institutions varied between 2 139 EUR PPS in Bulgaria and 8 583 EUR PPS in Austria. Staff represented 78 % of public educational institutions current expenditure in 2006. Current expenditure accounted for 91 % of the total, while capital expenditure represented 9 %. Public expenditure on education ranged from 3.8 % to 7.9 % of the GDP and private funds represented 13 % of the income of educational institutions. This data in focus releases the latest indicators on education expenditure for 2006. These figures are based on the UOE joint data collection by UNESCO Institute of Statistics, OECD and Eurostat.

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